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~~~My name is Bing and I need a life. Things you'd expect on here are what every Tumblr addict desires. Food. Fashion. Beauty. Kawaii and Overall Awesomeness. Occasionally, a little bit of This and That. Click that lil' ole' follow button on the top, right-hand corner and prepare to have your mind swell out of its scull and random muscle spasms occur regularly. ~Ain't my tumblr so pretty?~
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Brittany Bing
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It's Bing Like It Is

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In this photo: Justin Bieber  Someday  
August 10 at 8:05pm · Like · View Photo

Hush little beliebers, don’t you cry. Justin Bieber will be by your side. All you gotta do is use his perfume & he will show up in your room.

In this post: Justin Bieber  SOMEDAY  
June 12 at 8:46pm · Like · View Post